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Ahhh. Our little Allers is all growed up! We really need to brainstorm a few comebacks for those dirty old science men and their icky thoughts!

Teri S.

Business trips can be fun and very scary. My first was to Toronto (hmmm...that might have also been my first trip out of the U.S.) and I was teaching grizzled assembler programmers (at IBM, no less!) the intricacies of the software product I was supporting. Talk about intimidating! A bonus: I got to stay at the Four Seasons.

And a hint? It might take you a good five or ten years to feel like an adult. Its been 26 years since I graduated college and there are time when I still feel like a kid!


From the 40 something with 3 kids perspective...a hotel room...alone!...with knitting!!...and control of the remote!!! Bliss girlfriend. Pure Bliss. And the dirty old men - smile brilliantly, accept the compliment, and then dazzle them with knowledge and skill. I also like the way you dressed - always wear nicely cut trousers, with proper shoes or boots, a nice blouse or button down shirt, and a jacket. You'll look and feel grown up and capable.


It is about time you grew up and started acting like an adult. Now I can go back to being the bratty younger sister. Oh wait, I still am.


funny...coming from a field where we have conferences all the damn time, I consider "sleeping alone in a double hotel room" a major component of my grad school experiene.

Also, you look pretty witcha big bad poster.


being an adult is weird. at least it allows for buying new clothes.

the poster, btw, looks amazing!


You should have a little form for creepy men to fill out that says something to the effect of: "Yes, I agree to give up my rights as a human for the purpose of furthering Scientific testing. From now on, please designate me as an animal".

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